• What do you think of the new badge, that replaced "Places"?

    I put all the pictures for the badges.

    Do you think they look good. I especially like Locations 25 edits. (Patrick holding Squidward)

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    • Really? I thought I just "uncovered" them by earning so many badges.

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    • No. Someone started them up, I earned all of them first, and then fixed up all the images.

      Good job! You and I are the only ones with 25 edits. Get to 100.

      Can you guess where all the pictures came from (Which gallery I mean?)

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    • Squidward in Clarinetland?

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    • Wow, you're good.

      How many edits do you have now?

      You rank like 13 on the leaderboard. 

      GOOD JOB

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    • I thought this was a race... I guess it wasn't.

      I just got the attention of 120d. He's thinking I'm only editing to earn badges. I just saw you editing locations articles at the same time as me as a sign that said "ready, set, go!".

      The last time I checked, "edit-milking" wasn't in the policy. I guess it got added. I'll have to check later.

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    • It's not a race, and I edit to earn badges.

      Edit Milking is editing one page several times. (ie Edit "Gone" 8 times, before editing a new page)

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    • A FANDOM user
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