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The Yellow Avenger

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Video game

The Yellow Avenger

General Information
Developer: Tantalus Media
Publisher: THQ
Distributor: Alawar Games (PC)
Designer: Mare Chaffe & Bill Opert
Released: November 2005 (DS version), February 2006 (PSP version), April 18, 2011 (PC)
Genre: Platformer/Adventure
Modes: Single-Player, Multiplayer
Ratings: Everyone (ESRB) +7 (PEGI)
Platforms: Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable
Media: DS Cartridge, UMD
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SpongeBob SquarePants: The Yellow Avenger is a SpongeBob SquarePants video game available for the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable. It was first released in 2005.


SpongeBob acquires Mermaid Man's powers when he wears his belt. Unfortunately, SpongeBob puts the Dirty Bubble into a washing machine, which causes him to split into countless dirty bubbles! SpongeBob has to stop villains such as Manray, The Sinister Slug, The Jumbo Shrimp, Atomic Flounder, The Dirty Bubble, and even Patrick and the Queen Jellyfish (who were both hypnotized by Man Ray), using Mermaid Man's powers to save Bikini Bottom. The story is divided into Acts, each with a different villain trying to wreak havoc on Bikini Bottom. Manray wants to flood Goo Lagoon, Sinister Slug's evil plan is to stop the talent show, Patrick rides the Queen Jellyfish like a chariot and rains electrical bolts down onto Bikini Bottom, Jumbo Shrimp, with the help of Plankton, creates a machine to shrink people the size of Plankton on top of the Sea Needle, The Atomic Flounder causes chaos in the Industrial park and The Dirty Bubble returns to put the end of the Yellow Avenger with the machine the Jumbo Shrimp used in the third act and plans to hit SpongeBob with more Little Dirty Bubbles.



  • This is also called SpongeBob Adventure 2: The Yellow Avenger.
  • Reviews say that the DS version is actually a lot better than the PSP version.
  • SpongeBob can go back to the Sea Needle, and explore there.
  • SpongeBob shows how to make Jellyfish Jelly.
  • After playing the game you can get a character viewer.
  • The name is similar to The Caped Avenger from the Garfield comic strip.
  • The little Dirty Bubbles are red, and not the actual dirty brown color of the original Dirty Bubble.
  • The acts are somewhat similar to the ones in the Sonic the Hedgehog game series.
  • The game doesn't save after you beat it. This is so that the final boss battle can be played an infinite number of times. This also means that the percentage complete of a game file will always be at 99% and never higher.
  • Although this is the first SpongeBob DS game, it's not the very first video DS game SpongeBob has been featured in. The first DS game SpongeBob was featured in was Nicktoons Unite!, which was released in October 2005.
  • When SpongeBob is in his room, if you look closely you can see under Gary's bowl is the "Town Scared" newspaper from Pranks a Lot.


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