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The Ugly Barnacle
The Ugly Barnacle by PlanetGame
Type: Story:
Told by: Patrick Star
Appearance: "Something Smells"
The Ugly Barnacle00:14

The Ugly Barnacle

The Ugly Barnacle is a very short story that Patrick tells SpongeBob in the episode "Something Smells." It is meant to boost SpongeBob's self-esteem to make him feel better, but it only makes him feel worse. Because of this, Patrick insists they scream on top of SpongeBob's house to get rid of his depression instead.

The story

Once there was an ugly barnacle.
He was so ugly that everyone died.
The end.


  • It has spawned popularity on YouTube, listed in many "Funniest SpongeBob Moments" lists.
  • It is a parody of the classic story, The Ugly Duckling.

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