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The Suction Cup Symphony
The Suction Cup Symphony05:11

The Suction Cup Symphony

General Information
Composer(s): Gary Stockdale
Introduced: "Suction Cup Symphony"
List of associated production music

The Suction Cup Symphony is a song that was composed by Gary Stockdale. This song plays in the episode "Suction Cup Symphony."


The Suction Cup Symphony is an orchestral piece composing of a piano (the episode only), strings, flutes, timpani, bass drum, cymbals, bassoons, horns, trumpets, trombones, tuba, triangle, snare drum. A popular rearrangement of the piece itself plays at mainly F major. In the episode, the only instruments shown are: 2 violins, 2 cellos, timpani, piano, harp, two flutes, tuba, and three trumpets. In the SpongeBob episode "Suction Cup Symphony," additional sound effects provided by SpongeBob and Patrick, an example being Patrick's strange talking while he was sitting in a tuba's bell (the bell-shaped hole that brass instruments have).

The piece starts off with some short, strong notes. It follows the main theme, composing of a piano, strings, woodwind and brass. A short musical phrase plays, which then follows with several other musical phrases. In the episode that this piece plays starts making sound effects that come from SpongeBob and Patrick, the order being the following:

  • Patrick examining his tongue and making strange noises.
  • Patrick using a workshop hammer as a reflex hammer. Glass smashing noises, with clock ticking playing as well. Patrick's screaming as well.
  • Dropping a brick onto Patrick's foot, with its dropping sound effect and Patrick's scream. Dropping an anchor onto Patrick's foot, with a more emphasized dropping sound effect.
  • SpongeBob applying a rubber glove on himself. Squeezing a rubber duck, leading to Patrick's joyful noises.
  • Patrick getting shocked by the X-rays coming from the X-ray.
  • Operating a laughter machine with Patrick feeling calm.
  • Patrick reading magazines and his "hmm" commentary.
  • SpongeBob swirling his seat upwards.
  • Tickling Patrick's brain, causing Patrick to laugh.
  • Smashing Patrick's brain, causing Patrick to stick his eyes out and make a high-pitched flatulent noise, repeated again to make a lower-pitched flatulent noise.
  • Pressing two fingers on the sides of Patrick's brain, causing Patrick to burp.
  • Patrick continuing to read magazines with his "hmm" commentary.
  • Patrick getting shocked by the X-rays coming from the X-ray.
  • The balloon inflation then a deflation squeak from the laughter machine.
  • SpongeBob applying a rubber glove on his hand. Squeezes rubber duck to amuse Patrick.
  • Patrick continues reading magazines with his "hmm" commentary.
  • SpongeBob tickles Patrick's brain.
  • Smashing Patrick's brain, causing a low-pitched flatulent noise.
  • SpongeBob coming out of a timpano (singular of timpani), expanding Patrick with a sphygmomanometer, which expands another timpano, popping it and letting Patrick float around like a balloon.
  • Patrick opens his mouth to release the air and deflates like a party balloon.


  • In some countries, the Suction Cup Symphony is played one semitone higher, thus playing in F♯ instead of F. This is because some episodes are played in PAL speed instead of NTSC speed.

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