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Street Racers

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Street Racers
Physical appearance
Gender: Male (Male Racer and Muscular Racer)
Female (Female Racer)
Classification: Fish
Enemies: SpongeBob
Tony Fast Jr.
Series information
Appearance: "The Hot Shot"
List of characters

The Street Racers are a group of characters that appear in the episode "The Hot Shot." They serve as the episode's main antagonists. The group consists of the Male Racer, the Female Racer, and the Muscular Racer.


The Street Racers were first seen when they challenged SpongeBob and Tony Fast Jr. to a street race. SpongeBob objected at first, but Tony Fast Jr. managed to convince SpongeBob to race with them. The group then all began racing, and it appeared that the Street Racers were going to win, but they noticed a police car and stopped in their tracks, unofficially losing the race.


  • Out of the group, only the Male Racer and the Female Racer had any true lines. The Muscular Racer only laughed and made grunting noises.
  • The Muscular Racer is the largest racer out of all three racers.

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