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This is the page about the score promo CD. For other uses, see The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (disambiguation).

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Score was a promo CD containing the score for the film of the same name. This score was never released and this CD was only a promo (not for resale and only given to promoters) so it is near impossible to find. On the few sites that claimed to have a rip of the CD, the download link had expired. Though finally, after many years, a complete rip of CD has finally been posted on YouTube. The CD contains most significant parts of the score although containing only 30 out of the total 40 minutes of the score.

The score was composed by Gregor F. Narholz and performed by The London Metropolitan Orchestra.

Those who are interested can read an interview with Gregor about the score and how it was produced on the (now defunct) musicfromthemovies website here .

Note: A couple of these tracks were never used in the film.


Link to YouTube video of the score

Track Listings

  1. "Opening Titles: Treasure Chest" – 1:15
  2. "Spongebob Opening Theme Song" – 1:01
  3. "Bring the Prisoner Forward" – 0:37
  4. "Mindy & King Neptune" – 0:44 - This song was not used in the movie.
  5. "King Neptune and Eugene Krabs" – 1:11
  6. "Eugene Krabs on Fire" – 1:03
  7. "I have a Crab to Cook" – 1:22
  8. "The Road to Shell City" – 1:24
  9. "The Two Heroes" – 1:08
  10. "Plankton Steals the Formula" – 0:38
  11. "Evil Dennis" – 1:17
  12. "Squidward's Good Morning" – 0:58 - This song was not used in the movie.
  13. "Brain Control Devices" – 1:20
  14. "Patrick and SpongeBob Driving" – 1:06
  15. "Ice Cream Monster" – 1:02
  16. "I Am Going Home" – 0:56
  17. "Planktopolis" – 0:31
  18. "Bigger Boot" – 0:46
  19. "The Cyclopes" – 0:59
  20. "Those Fish Are Dead" – 2:02
  21. "The Two Friends End" – 2:57
  22. "Let's Get That Crown Part 1" – 0:45
  23. "Let's Get That Crown Part 2" – 1:07 - Part of this song was not used in the movie.
  24. "Fight With Dennis" – 1:43
  25. "The Hasselhoff Catapult" – 1:00
  26. "Just In Time" – 0:33
  27. "Spongebob Theme Song Reprise" – 1:01

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