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The SpongeBob Musical
Spongebob the musical
General Information
Location: Chicago (June 7, 2016)
New York (TBA)
Date(s): 2016-2017
List of events

The SpongeBob Musical[1] is a musical stage production based on the original hit animated television series, SpongeBob SquarePants. It premiered on June 7, 2016 and ran through July 10 at Chicago's Oriental Theater. It is scheduled for a Broadway release in New York in the late 2016-early-2017 season.[2]


The SpongeBob Musical follows a day in the fictional underwater town of Bikini Bottom, where the citizens have just learned that a nearby volcano named Mount Humongous will erupt at sundown the next day. Amid the antics and fantasies of the community over the ensuing 24 hours, SpongeBob takes it upon himself to save the day and rescue his city from certain destruction.



  • Gaelen Gilliland
  • Curtis Holbrook
  • Stephanie Hsu - Karen Plankton
  • L’ogan J’ones
  • Mark Ledbetter
  • Kelvin Moon Loh
  • Vasthy Mompoint
  • JC Schuster
  • Abby C. Smith
  • Jason Michael Snow - Patchy The Pirate
  • Juliane Godfrey
  • Jesse JP Johnson
  • Lauralyn McClelland
  • Allan K. Washington


  • Music composed by John Legend, Lady Antebellum, Aerosmith, T.I, Johnathan Coulton, Plain White T's, They Might Be Giants, David Bowie, Tom Kenny, and Sara Bareilles.
  • The only three songs that existed prior to the musical were "No Control", "Best Day Ever", and the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song
  • The musical is being directed by Tina Landau.


Original Chicago Production

Act I
Song Writer Performer
1 "Bikini Bottom Day" Jonathan Coulton SpongeBob and Company
2 "BFF" Plain White T's SpongeBob and Patrick
3 "No Control" David Bowie and Brian Eno Perch Perkins and Company
4 "When the Going Gets Tough" T.I. Plankton and Company
5 "(Just a) Simple Sponge" Panic! at the Disco SpongeBob and Ensemble
6 "Daddy Knows Best" Alex Ebert Mr. Krabs and Pearl
7 "Hero Is My Middle Name" Cyndi Lauper SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy
8 "Super Sea Star Savior" Yolanda Adams Patrick and Sardines
9 "Tomorrow Is" The Flaming Lips Company
Act II
Song Writer Performer
10 "Poor Pirates" Sara Bareilles Patchy and Pirates
11 "Bikini Bottom Day (Reprise 1)" Jonathan Coulton SpongeBob and Gary
12 "Bikini Bottom Boogie" Steven Tyler and Joe Perry The Electric Skates and Ensemble
13 "Chop to the Top" Lady Antebellum Sandy and SpongeBob
14 "(I Guess I) Miss You" John Legend Patrick and SpongeBob
15 "I'm Not a Loser" They Might Be Giants Squidward and Sea Anemones
16 "Best Day Ever" Andy Paley and Tom Kenny SpongeBob and Company
17 "Finale: Bikini Bottom Day (Reprise 2)" Jonathan Coulton SpongeBob and Company
18 "Encore: SpongeBob SquarePants Theme Song" Derek Drymon, Mark Harrison, Stephen Hillenburg and Blaise Smith SpongeBob and Company



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