The Shake Simulator is a machine used by Captain Frostymug. It appears in the episode "License to Milkshake."


The Shake Simulator resembles a giant mechanical milkshake. It also has a single door with a window.

Role in episode

The Shake Simulator is first seen put into action when Captain Frostymug wants SpongeBob to experience what a milkshake feels like. He has SpongeBob enter the Simulator, and he sets it to the highest setting: obliterate. The machine shakes SpongeBob around and pours him into a giant glass cup. Unfortunately for Captain Frostymug, SpongeBob enjoys the experience and wants another go at it.


  • The other settings on the Shake Simulator are "Stir" and "Shake."
  • The only person to survive the "obliterate" setting is SpongeBob.