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The Shake Simulator

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The Shake Simulator
The Shake Simulator
Type: Simulator,
Appearance: "License to Milkshake"
List of objects

The Shake Simulator is a machine used by Captain Frostymug. It is only seen in the episode "License to Milkshake."


The Shake Simulator, of course, looks like a giant mechanical milkshake. It also has a single door with a window.

Role in series

The Shake Simulator was first seen put into action when Captain Frostymug wanted SpongeBob to experience what a milkshake feels like. He had SpongeBob enter the Simulator, and he set it to the highest setting: obliterate. The machine shook SpongeBob around and poured him into a giant glass. Unfortunately for Captain Frostymug, SpongeBob enjoyed the experience and wanted another go at it, upsetting Frostymug.


  • The other settings on the Shake Simulator were "Stir" and "Shake."
  • Captain Frostymug may have created the Shake Simulator himself.

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