The Rules of Art is a book that appears in the episode "Artist Unknown."


The Rules of Art is a fairly large book that is red in color. The words "The Rules of Art" are in large, yellow text with a thin white outline.

Role in the episode

The Rules of Art is first seen after Squidward lectures SpongeBob about following every rule in the book to know how to properly do art after SpongeBob creates a statue. However, Squidward's words cause SpongeBob to leave in tears and it wasn't until a famous art critic named Monty P. Moneybags tells Squidward that the statue is good and wants another.

Squidward then retrieves SpongeBob and tries to get him to properly construct another statue but SpongeBob keeps referring to The Rules of Art book thinking Squidward's procedures don't follow it. Squidward then rips up the book and hopes that SpongeBob will construct something unique from it. However, SpongeBob ends up recreating the rules of art much to Squidward's horror.

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