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The Poop Deck

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The Poop Deck
The Poop Deck
Industry: Restaurant
Founder: Mr. Pirateson
Location: Encino, California
Employment: Patchy the Pirate
Potty the Parrot
Products: Hamburgers
Patchy Patties
Scurvy fries
Bilge water
Appearance: "Friend or Foe"
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The Poop Deck is a restaurant that appears in "Friend or Foe." Patchy and Potty both work there as employees so they can be like the fry cook SpongeBob.


The Poop Deck is a small restaurant with red paint and cobblestone-like walls. It has an anchor on its sign as well as a pirate flag. The kitchen and the whole restaurant has a similar fashion to the Krusty Krab.




  • According to Potty, there were rats in the kitchen.
  • Most of the food items and the restaurant itself are based on pirate stuff.

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