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Peanut Worms
Growth Spout 23
Residence: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Light tan and dark tan
Eye color: Black
Series information
Appearance: "Growth Spout"
List of characters

The Peanut Worms are Mrs. Puff's pets. They only appeared in the episode "Growth Spout."


They look like big peanuts with long eyestalks, and they squirt out gooey light green liquid as a form of self-defense.


They were all in Mrs. Puff's Vegetable Garden. Mr. Krabs tries to steal them from Mrs. Puff's garden because he wants to give food to Pearl, who was having her growth spurt and is getting even hungrier by everything she eats. Mr. Krabs thought that the peanut worms were regular peanuts, but he then found that they were peanut worms.


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