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The Peanut Worms

The Peanut Worms are Mrs. Puff's pets. They only appear in the episode "Growth Spout." They are all in Mrs. Puff's vegetable garden. They look like big peanuts, so Mr. Krabs tries to steal them from Mrs. Puff's garden because he wants to gives food to Pearl, who was having her growth spurt and was getting even hungrier by everything she eats. They squirt out gooey liquid as a form of self-defense.


  • In the episode "MuscleBob BuffPants," the shark in the commercial for Anchor Arms taunts the viewer (SpongeBob) by calling him a peanut worm.
  • One of the "Lalaloopsy Littles" dolls named "Squirt Lil' Top" has a pet peanut worm, but hers is different, as its eyes are on its head and they are not stalks.

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