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Seashell Park

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Seashell Park
Industry: Park
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
First appearance: "Karate Choppers"
Latest appearance: "Have You Seen This Snail?"
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Seashell Park is a location that is seen in many episodes. It is where people go fishing, do karate, swing, have picnics, walk in the park, etc.

It is a very visited place in Bikini Bottom, with many patrons who come here to relax. You can also buy balloons from Lou.


The design of the park looks very peaceful. Swings, spring toys, slides, and other playground items are here. There are also many trees, a bridge, and a river where you can rowboat for free. There are also picnic grounds and benches.


  • Many people flock here on holidays, like Free Balloon Day.
  • In the episode "Karate Choppers," one can see a fish fishing in this park. One would not expect fish to go fishing, so the fish may be fishing for some animal other than fish.

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