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The Mitten
Located: Glove World, Pacific Ocean
Appearances: "Roller Cowards"
Type: Amusement Park Ride

The Mitten was a children's ride located at Glove World. SpongeBob and Patrick seem to like the ride, but as soon as they ride it, they become scared every time they go up the miniature foot long hill. Tyler enjoys the ride (he is a toddler). Nat Peterson is the only known operator, and it does not seem that he likes his job very much. It was probably destroyed after the events of "Glove World R.I.P."


It is a very small steel track that actually defies the laws of physics, as there is no visible system that is keeping it moving. There is a small hill held up with small poles that resemble candy canes along the ride, but other than that, there is nothing on the rollercoaster. The background seems to be of a giant rainbow reading "The Mitten," with love heart shaped balloons around the rainbow. Below the rainbow is a white mitten. It also seems as if there is steam surrounding the rainbow. Behind the rainbow, a large rollercoaster is shown, presumably the Fiery Fist O' Pain. The name might be from the fact that mittens are smaller gloves, since the names of most of the rides have "Glove" somewhere in the title.  

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