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The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom
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"The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom"
Written by Mr. Lawrence
Storyboard by Brian Morante
Sally Cruikshank
Stop-Motion Animation by Screen Novelties
Stop-Motion Producer Christopher Finnegan
Directors Mark Caballero
Seamus Walsh
Produced by Jennie Monica
Supervising Producers Marc Ceccarelli
Vincent Waller
Executive Producer Stephen Hillenburg

Art Director Peter Bennett
Story Editor Mr. Lawrence
Animation Writers Andrew Goodman
Ben Gruber
Supervising Directors Adam Paloian
Alan Smart
Animation Director Tom Yasumi
Production Manager Philip Harris
Animatic Editor Estrella Capin

Cast of "The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom"
Tom Kenny SpongeBob, Jellyfish Bats, SpongeBob's Skin, SpongeBob's Skeleton, Gary
Bill Fagerbakke Patrick, Acorn Monster, Eel
Rodger Bumpass Squidward, Fish Kids, Frog, Dragon
Clancy Brown Mr. Krabs, Fish Man, Eyes
Carolyn Lawrence Sandy, Sandy Monster, Costumed Girl, Fish Kids, Kid Fish #2
Mr. Lawrence Plankton, Buff Ghost, Ghost
Brian Doyle-Murray Flying Dutchman
Jill Talley Karen, Costumed Boy, Fish Kids, Seahorse, Kid Fish #1

Voice Director Tom Kenny
Casting Director Shannon Reed
Casting Coordinator Lyberti Nelson
Casting Assistant Molly Miller
Director of Audio Production/Recording Engineer Justin Brinsfield
Dialogue Editor Michael Petak
Script Coordinator Andrew Goodman
Production Coordinators Paul Anderson
Emily Merl
Production Assistants Ben Haist
Hannah Watanabe-Rocco
Executive Assistant Brian Koonce
Original Character Design Stephen Hillenburg
Character Designers Sally Cruikshank
Prop Designer Sally Cruikshank
Background Supervisor Olga Gerdjikov
Color Key Supervisor Teale Reon Wang
Background Painter Sally Cruikshank

Animation Services "Rough Draft Korea Co, ltd."
Executive Producer Kyung Suk Park
Co-Executive Producer Hyejoon Yun
Supervising Producer Chulho Kim
Production Translation Gahyun Baek
Animation Director Junhee Yu
Head of Layout Hyunkyu Lee
Head of Assistant Animation Soungsuk Cho
Boyoung Sung
Head of Background Painting Eunyoung Lee
Head of Digital Production Woosung Jeong
Overseas Supervisor Scott Mansz

Stock Images Provided by Getty Images
Title Still Photography by David Frapwell
"SpongeBob SquarePants Theme Song" Lyrics by Stephen Hillenburg, Derek Drymon
Composed by Hank Smith Music
Performed by Pat Pinney
"Ahhhh" Lyrics by Mr. Lawrence & Eban Schletter
Composition by Mr. Lawrence
Orchestration by Bruce L. Fowler
Brad Dechter
Frank Bennett
Don Nemitz
Irea Hearsden
Music Recorded & Mixeld by Jeff Biggers
Music Editor Al Teeter
Assistant Music Editor Craig Pettigrew
Music Production Manager Brett Swian
Music Production Coordinator Andrew Zack
Music Production Assistant Jill Iverson
Executive Music Assistant Siobhan Sullilvan
Songs Contractor Jeannie Tosi
Orchestra Contractor Reggie Wilson
Music Preparations Booker White - Walt Disney Music Library
Music Composed by Steve Belfer
Nicolas Carr
Sage Guyton
Eban Schletter
Jeremy Wakefield
Track Reading Services Slightly Off Track
Final Checker Kathy Gilmore

Stop Motion Produced by Screen Novelties
Director of Photography Eric Adkins
Puppet Artistic Supervisor Robin Walsh
Production Designer John Joyce
Costume Design Carol Binion
Robin Walsh
Line Producer Sarah Garcia-Rill
Puppet Fabrication Supervisor Tennessee Reid Norton
Mold Maker Paula Lauterbach
Puppet Fabricators Adrian Rose Leonard
Max Shepard
Leah Olbrich
Veronica Hwang
Amanda Maddock
Matt Brooks
Max Winston
Junior Puppet Fabricators Joanne Line
Gillian Hunt
Stephanie James
Gretchen Crookes
Puppet CG Molding Kei Chong
Additional Junior Puppet Fabricators Zoe Miller
Rachael Robinson
Katie Falk
Siyu Li
Production Designer John Joyce
Lead Set Fabricator & Dresser Frank Duran
Set Fabricators Justin Connolly
Kelly Mazurowski
Evan Koehne
Brent Johnson
George Metaxas
Meaghan Ross
Haunted House Builder Joe Schmidt
Art Coordinator Alexandra Del Rosario
Junior Set Fabricators Joe Cool
Devin Dahl
Katie Bettini
Greg Pinsoneault
Scenic Painter Kathryn Evans
Set Painters Rebecca Stillman
Mamiko Otsubo
Katie Bettini
Junior Set Workers Felicia Rein
Duncan Noell Nelson
Animation Supervisor Cameron Baity
Animation Riggers Ethan Marak
Evan Koehne
Lead Animators Alfonso Estrada
Misha Klein
Scott DaRos
Michael Dietz
Animators Sihanouk Mariona
Tennesssee Reid Norton
Neil Morrissey
Ellen Coons
Justin Connolly
Mark Caballero
Seamus Walsh
Puppeteer Robin Walsh
Assistant Animator Evan Koehne
Track Readers Kevin Coyle
Evelyn Jane Ross
Marc de Leon
Darren Jannace
Director of Photography Eric Adkins
Camera Assistant/Grip/Electrician Warren Sheetz
Camera Assistant Carl Helder
Electricians Suzie Shircliff
Jean Paul Bonneau
Head of Puppet Costumes Carol Binion
Puppet Costumers Pyn King-Sheers
Lisa Davis
Sarah Skinner
Lynette Roy
Junior Puppet Costumer Maureen Kuo
Production Assistant David Lally
Behind-The-Scenes Still Photography Alexandra Del Rosario
VFX Supervisor Larry Ho
VFX Coordinator Andrew Babick
Compositors Ashley-Martin Dunn
Shannon Gold
Ellen Coons
Paul Evangelista
Cameron Leeburg
2D Specialist Michael Dietz
Junior Compositor Siyu Li
Special Thanks Rosco Lighting, UV Black Lights
ABS Entertainment Payroll
Armature by Max Lopez, Jeremy Spake, and Patrick Zung
Filipino American Community Center of Los Angeles
Wooden Nickel Lighting

Supervising Picture Editor Christopher Hink
Asssistant Picture Editor Rick Dominicus
Post Production Supervisor Molly Minus
Post Production Coordinator Diana LaGrandeur
Nick Digital CG Animation Directors Christian Evans
Pablo Smith
Production Manager for Nick Digital Jennifer Gay
Post Production Sound Services Atlas Oceanic, inc.
Supervising Sound Editors Matthew Wood
Dennis Leonard
Sound Effects Editors Teresa Eckton
Jeffrey Hutchins
Doug Jackson
ADR Editor Steve Slanec
Foley Editors Jonathan Null
Christopher Barrick
Assistant Sound Editor Cindy Jo Hinkleman
Assistant Supervising Sound Editor Coya Elliot
Foley Artists Jana Vance
Dennie Thorpe
Ellen Heuer
Foley Mixer Frank Rinella
Foley Recordist Sean England
Re-Recording Mixer Gary A. Rizzo
Adrian Rhodes
Mic Technclain Jurgan Scharf
Post Production Telecine Services Encore
Telecine Colorist Dexter P.
Developed by Derek Drymon
Tim Hill
Nicholas R. Jennings
Senior Director of Digital Operations Eric Swanborg
Digital Operations Engineer Kimberly Madore
Mardine J. Pouryousef
Chris Spears
Senior Manager of Post Production Oliver Pearce
Machine Room C.J. Kinyon
Gregory Mitchell
Color Timers Harry Muller
Chris De La Guardia
Negative Cutter Mo Henry
Archive and Resource Library Anna Martino
Jean Paul Fernandez
Michael Pazmino
Senior Vice President of Animation & Games James Stephenson
Senior Vice President of Production David J. Steinberg
Current Series Management Dale Malinowski
Vice President of Production Dina Buteyn
Executive in Charge for Nickelodeon Claudia Spinelli

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