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The Land of Perpetual Excitement

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The Land of Perpetual Excitement
Type: Book
Appearance: "InSPONGEiac"
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The Land of Perpetual Excitement is a book that Patrick reads to SpongeBob in the episode, "InSPONGEiac."


It is a purple book, with a very crazy looking lime colored fish on the cover, with the name written in large blue font. It also has a light lower in the background, with some mountains on the bottom right.


Once upon a time, there was a sleepy little boy.

And the sleepy boy was the sleepiest boy in all the kingdom. And one night he nestled in the bed for a long slumber. And Sir Cecil, the sea sleep king, sprinkled him with mystical sleepy dust. He couldn't have been cozier.

When, without warning, an excitable sea troll bursted through the window. "Wakey wakey sleepy doo!" He bellowed. Then suddenly he was whisked away by eagle-winged mollusks into the night skyyyy!

Role in the Series

SpongeBob had been trying to go to sleep, Patrick pulled the book off of his dusty book shelf, and began reading the book to SpongeBob. The book starts slow, and helped SpongeBob start to fall asleep. Patrick continued reading, and the book became faster-paced, until SpongeBob was fully awake again. SpongeBob wondered how this could not help him sleep, and Patrick read the title to SpongeBob, "The Land of Perpetual Excitement." Patrick said, "It's a get out of bed story."


  • Despite Patrick not being able to read in other episodes (Example: "Tunnel of Glove"), he was fully able to read to SpongeBob. He may have acquired this skill from the book How To Read.
  • According to Patrick, it is a "get out of bed" story.

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