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Kuddly Krab
The Kuddly Krab
Industry: Restaurant
Founder: Eugene H. Krabs, Pearl Krabs, and SpongeBob SquarePants
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Employment: SpongeBob SquarePants
Squidward Tentacles (temporarily)
Products: Salad, tea
Parent: The Krusty Krab
Appearance: "Bossy Boots"
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The Kuddly Krab was an establishment opened up by Pearl in the episode "Bossy Boots." She had attempted to improve the Krusty Krab by making it appeal to younger consumers.


Squidward angry with the Kuddly Krab

Squidward getting frustrated after having to wear his new uniform

Outside the Kuddly Krab, the clam shell sign of the Krusty Krab was replaced with a heart and a blue crab waving. The restaurant's outside was painted pink, also.

The inside had many stuffed animals. The menu consisted only of salads and tea, which SpongeBob did not know how to make. The uniforms were also changed. Employee and manager uniforms now consisted of a pink outfit with purple flowers and two "K"s attached to springs on the head. Also, Pearl made SpongeBob stand outside the Kuddly Krab in a crab costume to advertise it, a job that humiliated him.


  • Salad (consisting of one tomato and a piece of lettuce)
  • Tea


While deciding on how to re-establish the Krusty Krab and the Kuddly Krab, Pearl and SpongeBob thought of renaming the place. SpongeBob thought of names like: the Kutie Krab, the Kooky Krab, the Khaotic Krab, the Kissy Krab, the King Krab, the Kandy Krab, the Kool Krab, the Kowboy Krab, the Kurly Krab, the Kreepy Krab, and the Killer Krab. Then, at the same time, they both thought "the Kuddly Krab," and then, chose that name.

The Kuddly Krab was also for teenage girls, because Pearl was a teenager, she made it teenager themed. In the end, Pearl confesses to SpongeBob that she's actually been trying to get fired since the beginning and that she was only helping out with the restaurant to please her father. Eventually, the Kuddly Krab is turned back into the Krusty Krab, and all the materials of the Kuddly Krab were then brought into SpongeBob's house, costing him a one-year salary, much to the displeasure of his pet snail.

Krusty Krab (VE)

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