The Kruncher is a character that appears in the episode "Demolition Doofus." He is one of seven characters that competed in the Demolition Derby. He also appear in the book "Demolition Derby


The Kruncher is a very wide and large, purple fish (almost similar to the shark). He isn't that tall compared to other characters, yet he is still very big. He has pink, spiky fins on his head and across his back. He also wears a white t-shirt and a black bandana. He also drives a blue boat that resembles a shark, with the number "7" on the side.


The Kruncher was first seen after Captain Lutefisk announced his name. He made a joke directed toward SpongeBob (who was known as The Squish at the time) saying how he should be "afraid" of him. The Kruncher attempts to crash into SpongeBob, but he ends up crashing into a wall. The Kruncher makes another attempt, but SpongeBob collides into him causing The Kruncher to crash into The Cackling Cruiser, losing the Derby.


  • In one scene, his tail fin goes missing.
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  • Nat loves The Kruncher, as shown when he holds a sign saying so (right).