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The Guitar Lord

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The Guitar Lord
Created by: Zeus the Guitar Lord
Genre: Music show
Episodes: 1
Predecessor: Fab and Fancy
Successor: Squidward Chat
Channel: Bikini Bottom Public Access

The Guitar Lord was a show that was on the Bikini Bottom Public Access. It was held by Zeus. This show had lots and lots of fans like Squidward's House Party. Squidward hates it. Until now, The Guitar Lord has been cancelled in lack of funding, making room and of course, low profit. It was replaced by Squidward Chat It was only shown in the episode "Tentacle-Vision."


It replaced Fab and Fancy. He later came on a new show called Squidward's House Party. It is unknown if it replaced this show. They had a segment which will take your phone calls. Squidward was the first one and he only asked how got the show and he then called Bikini Bottom Public Access and he got it.

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