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The Guinness O'Ripley Enormous Book of Curiosities, Oddities, and World Records

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The Guinness O'Ripley Enormous Book of Curiosities, Oddities, and World Records
First appearance: "Squirrel Record"
Latest appearance: "Squirrel Record"

The Guinness O'Ripley Enormous Book of Curiosities, Oddities, and World Records is a book that only appears in the episode "Squirrel Record." This book features world records such as longest teeth, most amount of robots crushed in a single day, etc. These records, however, are over thirty years old, so technically, Sandy did not break any records, unless, she beat the records that the current record holders of the modern day beat.


This book has yellow letters that spelled out the name on a brown hardcover book. 

Known records

  • Longest Tooth
  • Most Robots Built and Destroyed in a Day
  • Most Walnuts in Mouth
  • Most Chum Eaten (Raw)
  • Longest Time Holding Breath (above water)
  • Longest Time Staring
  • Longest Tongue
  • Largest Rubberband Ball
  • Most Woodchucks Chucked
  • Most French Fries Up Nose


This book was used by Sandy to verify the amount of records she needed to break. She was committed to break every record in the book. This book listed out different records that Sandy needed to beat and was used to scan for the robots, which kept track of when she broke a record.


  • Charlie Mackerel, the current record holder of most raw chum eaten, was reported to have ingested raw chum and survive for 30 seconds. This means Plankton has been in business for over thirty years because the age of the book is over thirty years. But this could also mean there was another owner and founder of the Chum Bucket before Plankton took over. However, the episode "Friend or Foe" proves that Plankton founded the Chum Bucket.
    • Charlie Mackerel had to have died from ingesting raw chum. SpongeBob told Plankton he'd lived. For 30 seconds.
  • This book is a very obvious parody of the Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley's Believe It or Not.
    • The representative from the book that came to Sandy's Treedome resembles Arthur Guinness and Robert Ripley.
  • The book was originally going to be called "World's Fattest Body." This was cut because it was rather similar to the inflation Sandy had in "Bubble Troubles."

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