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The Great Krabby Patty Famine

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The Great Krabby Patty Famine was an era of Bikini Bottom history that lasted 6 days featured in The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water.


Apocalyptic Bikini Bottom


The famine started when Burger Beard the Pirate made the Krabby Patty Secret Formula disappear and create a rupture in the social order of Bikini Bottom turning it into an apocalyptic civilization. Mr. Krabs blamed Plankton for the disappearance of the formula and tried to force him to say where it was. But because of SpongeBob's sympathy, he escaped with Plankton causing Bikini Bottom to become savage just to find them.


Eventually when SpongeBob smelt the Krabby Patty, Bikini Bottom snapped back into it and tore off their clothes to go find the formula. When SpongeBob and the gang retrieved the formula, Bikini Bottom returned to its patty-loving self.


  • It is unknown how Bikini Bottom immediately turned apocalyptic.

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