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The Googly Artiste

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Episode Information
The Googly Artiste
Season №: 8
Episode №: 158b
Airdate: July 21, 2011
Sister episode(s): "Sweet and Sour Squid"
Writer(s): Luke Brookshier
Nate Cash
Derek Iversen
Supervising Producer: Paul Tibbitt
Storyboard: Luke Brookshier
Nate Cash
Animation: Andrew Overtoom
Creative: Vincent Waller
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"The Googly Artiste" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season eight. In this episode, Patrick's artwork is coveted by everyone in town after an art critic praises it.



The episode starts at Squidward's house. Squidward is shown pushing what appears to be a sculpture with a sheet over it into his yard. Then Patrick and SpongeBob call to him and ask if he wants to join them in making arts and crafts. He solemnly says, "No" and tells them that he is a true artist and has a hat to prove it. SpongeBob said he weaved a basket, a wallet and money. Patrick was trying to weave a basket but fails (due to the fact that he kept hammering his finished piece). Squidward walks away bitterly and Patrick becomes upset that he can't make art like SpongeBob and Squidward. SpongeBob shows Patrick how to make a rock with googly eyes on it. Patrick repeats this process and SpongeBob is very impressed (though his rock had googly eyes all over it instead of two normal eyes.) Squidward insults their artwork and then an art critic comes and judges Squidward's work (which was a statue of himself) The art critic says that it is hideous and confiscates Squiward's hat. Then the art critic judges SpongeBob's art and says it is lame. He then judges Patrick's art and he said it was so wonderful and creative. He gives him $50 and Squidward's hat for it. Squidward is of course angry at this and repeatedly says over and over "I bet he won't sell another" until SpongeBob stops him. After Patrick sold 4 more rocks Squidward states that he actually wants to go to work today and both SpongeBob and Squidward leave to go to the Krusty Krab.

Patrick's artwork becomes so famous that he ran out of rocks so, he tried to find something else to make art with. First, he paints a beautiful scenery of the night sky and says it is lame. Then, he sculpts a man sitting down, thinking and says that it stinks too. Patrick goes to the Krusty Krab since it is his lunch time and he ordered art advice. Squidward complained it wasn't on the menu until Mr. Krabs appeared and put it on the menu. Mr. Krabs told Squidward to give Patrick art advice, but he didn't. He just told him to look at the patty. Then he discovered that he can put google eyes on the patty! His Googly Patty got real famous when the art critic mentions that it is the next big thing. Everyone was rushing to the Krusty Krab to get one. Then, Mr. Krabs heard money. He rushed to the cash register and found none. He soon figures out that SpongeBob and Patrick were secretly selling Krabby Patties for $50 and holds them in his office. Squidward sneers at them for getting into trouble, but Patrick said that he followed Squidward's advice. Hearing this, Mr. Krabs realized this was all Squidward's doing and gets really angry at him. So Mr. Krabs put good use to Squidward.

Now, Krabby Patties are sold at $50. The fish who buys the patty said it was not expensive. Then, the fish went to Patrick's stall. Patrick calls his apprentice, which is really Squidward. Squidward puts glue on the fish's patty. Patrick said that Squidward could be an artist one day. Squidward then bursts to tears.



 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  Hawaiian Sting 14 - Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [title card]
  ? ["It's a great day for the art world."]
  Gator - Steve Belfer [arts, crafts]
  ? - Jeremy Wakefield [Patrick cries]
  ? - Nicolas Carr ["Now let me see."]
  Harp Ding - Nicolas Carr [SpongeBob gets an idea]
  ? - Pat Irwin [rock with googly eyes]
  Deadline - Sam Spence ["I shall make the attempt."]
  ? - Pat Irwin ["Privacy, please."]
  Fanfare (a) - David Farnon ["I've done it!"]
  ? [rock covered in glue and googly eyes]
  Bumbling B - Bernd Gesell [art critic arrives]
  Circus Parade (a) - Dick Stephen Walter [Venus de Squidward]
  Clumsy A - Bernd Gesell [critic praises Patrick's "art"]
  Steel Sting - Jeremy Wakefield ["Well, about, um..."]
  ? [Patrick selling more "art"]
  Seaweed - Steve Belfer [line of people at Patrick's house]
  Armed Attack - Jean Clero ["I'm all out of rocks!"]
  Harp Ding - Nicolas Carr [Patrick gets an idea]
  ? [Patrick throws paint on a canvas]
  ? ["Tartar sauce!"]
  ? [Patrick makes a sculpture]
  ? ["That stinks too!"]
  ? - Michael Bolger, Nicolas Carr [Patrick goes to the Krusty Krab]
  Tympup B - Sammy Burdson, John Charles Fiddy [Krabs adds "artistic advice" to the menu]
  Hawaiian Sting - Nicolas Carr [Krabs adds "artistic advice" to the menu]
  Steel Sting (a) - Jeremy Wakefield ["You can borrow mine."]
  ? - Michael Bolger, Nicolas Carr ["Make yourself comfortable, Mr. Patrick."]
  Steel Licks - Jeremy Wakefield ["Why don't you just concentrate on your patty?"]
  ? ["I know now what I must do!"]
  Fanfare (b) - David Farnon [Patrick puts googly eyes on the Krabby Patty]
  Film Fanfare (a) - Dick Stephen Walter [art critic pays Patrick]
  Curtain-Raiser - Alan Braden [crowd rushes in]
  ? ["Ooh, money!"]
  Vibe Sting - Nicolas Carr [empty cash register]
  Drama Link (d) - Hubert Clifford [Krabs gasps]
  Drama Sting - Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield ["SpongeBob! Patrick!"]
  Danger Sign - Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin ["It's my art."]
  Steel Licks (c) - Jeremy Wakefield ["I was just following your advice."]
  Peg Leg Waltz - Michael Bolger, Nicolas Carr, Sage Guyton [ending]



  • The rock that SpongeBob makes resembles "Pete The Pet Rock" from Sentimental Sponge. Except Pete's eyes weren't googly eyes.
  • The statue Squidward did is similar to the famous statue Venus de Milo, Also in Latin Spanish version, Squidward calls the statue "Venus de Calamardo" which means "Venus de Squidward" in Spanish.

Cultural References

  • The googly rock may be a parody of the Pet Rock, which was just a rock sold at a high price with the gimmick of being a pet. Likewise, in the episode, people shell out vast sums of money for rocks just because they have googly eyes glued onto them.
  • The painting that Patrick creates is Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh, and the statue is The Thinker by Auguste Rodin.


  • When Patrick looks at the Krusty Krab menu, Krabby Patty is spelled Krabby Pattie.

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