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Four Floors of Fear
Founder: Master Udon
Location: Master Udon's Tower
Appearance: "Karate Island"
List of places

The Four Floors of Fear are located in Master Udon's Tower in the episode "Karate Island." Sandy must navigate her way through the floors to rescue an encaptured SpongeBob.

Floor 1

Karate Island 07

Sandy encounters The Tickler, who starts to tickle her with his metal tickling claws. Sandy's defences have been broken and she starts to laugh. She then brings out some Jelly Filled Donuts and propels them into The Tickler's mouth. He lay strewn on the ground asking for a Wet nap. Sandy advances to the next floor.

Floor 2

Karate Island 08

Sandy encounters Lip Service who uses her enormous lips to block Sandy's path to the next room. Lip Service sends Sandy backwards when she finally succeeds at giving her a kiss, but then Sandy retorts with a hairdryer to shrivel up Service's lips. This leaves Lip Service on the floor trying to moisten up her lips using lip balm, but they crumble away before the lip balm can take effect. Sandy advances to the next floor.

Floor 3


This is the penultimate floor sees Sandy encounter Filthy Phil who uses his body odour to try and repel Sandy. This doesn't work as Sandy has a fresh air dome, which the odour cannot penetrate. Phil sniffs his own odour and passes out, leaving Sandy able to advance to the final floor.

Floor 4


Sandy encounters Master Udon. Sandy goes to attack him but she then becomes entrapped in a bird cage. Master Udon refuses to release SpongeBob until he signs a contract. The contract making SpongeBob buy real estate. After Master Udon explains his plans Sandy breaks free from the cage (using her karate powers). After an epic battle, Sandy becomes the victor leaving her and SpongeBob being able to go back to Bikini Bottom.

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