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The Flying Dutchman (3817)

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The Flying Dutchman
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General Information
Set number: 3817
Pieces: 241
Mini figures: SpongeBob, Patrick, The Flying Dutchman
Released: January 2012

The Flying Dutchman (3817) was a LEGO SpongeBob SquarePants set released early 2012. The set contains SpongeBob and Patrick, dressed in pirate costumes, along with The Flying Dutchman.

The set also includes The Flying Dutchman's Ship, along with an island. The ship includes a plank, treasure map, 2 cutlasses, a shovel and a bag of souls. The island resembles a stereotypical Caribbean island with trees etc. It has 3 minifigures, SpongeBob pirate, Patrick pirate and the Flying Dutchman. It has 241 pieces and includes the Flying Dutchman's ship, a cannon, island and treasure chest. It is for kids 6-12and is the 13th SpongeBob lego set out of 14.


  • It is the only set that includes the Flying Dutchman.
  • This LEGO set was released the year "Ghoul Fools" premiered, which featured the Flying Dutchman towards ending of the episode.


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