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The Fly of Despair

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The Fly of Despair
SpongeBob & Patrick
SpongeBob and Patrick looking into the Fly of Despair in horror.
First appearance: "Shanghaied"
Latest appearance: Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants Edition
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The Fly of Despair is a frightening dimensional rift seen in the episode "Shanghaied," that the Flying Dutchman can summon via a zipper. The Flying Dutchman sends Squidward through The Fly to suffer a long and horrifying fall as punishment before Squidward crashes through his roof into his bedroom. However, before Squidward could enjoy his time back home, he gets teleported back to the Flying Dutchman's boat after SpongeBob and Patrick wish him back.

Known creatures in the Fly of Despair

  • Lavender blue-gilled creature with horns
  • Giant green snake in a skull
  • Pink head monster with a brain vessel on its head
  • One-eyed purple clam
  • Blue eyed creature
  • Gray headed monster with green mermaid body and bat wings
  • Red and blue lines with yellow balls
  • Red zombie with blue hair
  • Giant purple eyeball
  • Blue creature with a yellow eye, but without a pupil
  • Red monster with cyan hair and yellow glowing eyes
  • Spaghetti and meatballs 



  • In the second shot that Squidward is seen falling into the Fly of Despair, he only has two legs instead of four. This was likely done for the ease of animation.

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