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The Fisherman

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The Fisherman
Fisherman Outfit
Squidward's Fisherman Costume.
General information
Interests: Fishing
Occupation(s): Fisherman
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Series information
First appearance: Don't Look Now (mentioned)
List of characters

The Fisherman is a character from the fictional movie "Fisherman 4: Attack of the Hooks", and is mentioned only in the episode "Don't Look Now". Not much is known about him, though he could be a human. Squidward dressed up like him to scare SpongeBob and Patrick.


He hooks many people (fish) and reels them in. At one point, he hooks someone's ice cream.


  • It is unknown how he hooked ice cream, as he hooked it by the ice cream, not the cone.
  • He could be based off Benjamin Willis, but it's unknown.

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