The End of the World is a café-gift shop that only appears in the episode "Hide and Then What Happens?."



A sign is shown in front of the store saying "Welcome to The End of the World! Cafe and Gift Shop." The store also appears to be located by a small water tower. The store seems to look like it was designed as an old fashion cabin, and seems to have a western theme to it.

The exterior also appears to be rusty and old with brown walls with a chimney on the side of the wall. The roof is dark gray and there appears to be a balcony near the upper windows.


Inside the store/restaraunt, it resembles a typical café with stools aligned with a table but it also has vases and other items on the shelves. The interior also has a skeletal bull head on the wall.


SpongeBob, while attempting to find Patrick in a game of hide and seek, stumbled upon this store and mistook Patrick Not-Star for being Patrick. When Patrick Not-Star turned around, he told SpongeBob that games are about fun and not about winning all the time.

Associated Characters

  • Unknown Clerk
  • Patrick Not-Star - Customer
  • SpongeBob - Visitor