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Drastic Radicals
179a - Extreme Spots 151
Interests: Performing Extreme Sports
Occupation(s): Extreme Sports
Physical appearance
Gender: Male and female
Color: Red, green, and purple
Eye color: Black
Classification: Fish and krill
Friends: SpongeBob SquarePants
Patrick Star
Series information
Appearance: "Extreme Spots"
List of characters

The Drastic Radicals (also known as the Drasticals) is a group consisting of Johnny Krill, Grand Maul Granny and Not Dead Ted that only appeared in the episode "Extreme Spots."


Johnny Krill

Johnny Krill is a light red krill with a dark red nose and fin. He wears a white T-shirt that is too short for his body and blue shorts. He appears to have a 6-pack (He is probably like this because he does so many extreme sports). He wears green shoes and a green helmet.

Grand Maul Granny

Grand Maul Granny is a light green, wrinkled old fish. She has gray hair that sprouts from both sides of her head. She wears a orangish red dress with rifled ends and red shoes. She wears glasses and a blue helmet.

Not Dead Ted

Not Dead Ted is a purple fish that walks with his arms hung in front of his body. He wears dark green shoes, red goggles, and a bright blue helmet. When performing some tricks, he has a very long tongue that comes out of his mouth, such as flying, and jumprope. 

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