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The Cramp
Slimy Dancing 044
Type: Dance
Appearance: "Slimy Dancing"

Tommy doing the Cramp

The Cramp is a dance move seen in "Slimy Dancing." It was made up (accidentally) by Patrick and Squidward at the Talent Show which won him first prize. In the epilogue Tommy Rechid does the dance. His mother, Norma Rechid walks in on him thinking he was really hurt and calls 911. Tommy claims he is only doing the cramp and then all of the main characters (except Sandy, Plankton, and Gary) come in and randomly join in on the dance.


  • Mr. Krabs joins in at the end even though he was not part of it in the first place.
  • When Norma calls 911, it is actually shown that she presses 811.

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