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This article is for the stand; for the episode, see Bubblestand.

The Bubblestand
[[File:Bubbles|300px|The Bubblestand]]
Industry: Bubblestand
Founder: SpongeBob SquarePants
Location: 124 Conch Street
Employment: SpongeBob SquarePants
Products: Bubbles
First appearance: Bubblestand
Latest appearance: Bubblestand
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The Bubblestand is a stand that SpongeBob built. People could blow bubbles for 25 cents. It only appears in the episode "Bubblestand."


Stand Design/Lessons

Bubblestand Gallery (10)

The Bubblestand is made out of green wood with a sign that displays in red font: Bubbles 25¢. There are signs under the Bubblestand that display Lessons 25¢. SpongeBob also offers lessons for beginners for only 25 cents. SpongeBob then does a technique for blowing bubbles. Squidward tried to learn without following the technique, although he was unsuccessful until he finally followed it. Patrick also got some lessons and did well.


  • SpongeBob (Teacher): Makes a duck and ducklings, elephant, ice cubes, caterpillar, boat, and butterfly bubbles.
  • Patrick (Student): Makes nothing because he struggles. He does however help SpongeBob teach Squidward the bubble-making manoeuvre.
  • Squidward (Student): Only flat bubbles that makes raspberry sounds when pops, and finally, a BIG bubble that swallows his house, and a loud explosion is heard when it pops.


1. Stand On One Foot

2. Spin Around

3. Stop

4. Double Take Three Times

5. Pelvic Thrust

6. Stop On Your Right Foot (Don't Forget It!)

7. Bring It Around Town

8. Make Different Shapes

9. Blow The Bubble

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