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The Battle of Bikini Bottom
Battle of Bikini Bottom
Episode "The Battle of Bikini Bottom"
Event date Unknown

The Battle of Bikini Bottom was a battle that happened in Bikini Bottom. It took place in the episode with the same name.


According to Patrick, it was a battle against citizens that were for and against washing their "hands." However, after the story, the reenactor that told SpongeBob and Patrick that he and others were reenacting the battle, said that this was not true. So, it is unknown what actually happened.

It might either be a battle that took place between Bikini Bottom and Bikini Top before Bikini Bottom declared independence because the independence is a reference to the American Revolution and the clothes that the reenactors are wearing are the stereotypical clothes of the British and American troops from the American Revolutionary War or it could be the underwater equivalent of the American Civil War, which the clothes also are steriotypical of that war.