Analyzing... 30% mean guy, 20% spiteful monster, 50% evil butt-head. Sample is... 100% big jerk.
— The Analyzer analyzing Plankton, "Plankton Gets the Boot"

The Analyzer is a character who appears in the episode "Plankton Gets the Boot."


He is a computer who analyzes whatever is inputted, designed to detect the Krabby Patty secret formula. He is made up of many different equipment that aid in detecting the Krabby Patty formula.

Role in episode

He is made by Plankton as a way to detect Krabby Patties to the "smallest molecule of a Krabby Patty." This, however, backfires when Plankton accidentally pushes the switch to start it, accidentally sucking him in. He then goes through the many equipments. The Analyzer outputs that Plankton is made of "30% mean guy," "20% spiteful monster," and "50% evil butt-head," which from here he concludes that the sample is "100% big jerk."

The Analyzer then praises Karen's new screensaver. Plankton, being fed up with him, destroys him with a wrench.


  • Plankton was previously analyzed as 1% evil 99% hot gas in the episode "Plankton!"