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The Alone Group is a disturbing group of words seen in the climax of the episode "SB-129." They are seen after Squidward, who is in the end of the time period called Nowhere, says "I may have finally found a place where I can be all...Alone!..." They echo the word 'alone' many times in various different voices (including that of the French Narrator), depicting a very strange alternate-reality (it is thought by some people that Nowhere is a period of time that is so far in the future that it is the end of time or the world itself) to which Squidward had traveled to. Squidward soon panicked after hearing the voices, thinking someone was after him. It could be possible that the alone group is actually just an echo of Squidward's voice, which seems logical as Nowhere is a small but infinitely looping space (as seen when Squidward attempts to escape from the realm by running out of it, but ends up running in a never-ending loop).

They are voiced by all the cast and crew members, such as Tom Kenny.

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