The Alone Group is a disturbing group of echoes heard in the climax of the episode "SB-129." They are voiced by all the cast and crew members, including Tom Kenny.


They are the word "alone" that will appear in many different ways. They all only say the word, "Alone."

Role in episode

They are heard after Squidward, who is in the end of the time period called Nowhere, says "I may have finally found a place where I can be all... alone!" They echo the word 'alone' many times in various different voices (including that of the French Narrator), depicting a very strange alternate-reality to which Squidward had traveled to.

Squidward soon panicked after hearing the echoes, thinking someone was after him. It is possible that also the alone echoes were from Bikini Bottom residents from the future who used the time machine and ended up in Nowhere years before Squidward had did. It could also be possible that the alone group is actually just an echo of Squidward's voice, which seems logical as Nowhere is a small but infinitely looping space (as seen when Squidward attempts to escape from the realm by running out of it, but ends up running in a never-ending loop).


  • In total, the word "alone" is shown 13 times in this group.
  • The word alone is heard 16 times during the scene.
  • The words all have different fonts, shapes, and sizes.
  • It is thought by some viewers that Nowhere is a period of time that is so far in the future that it is the end of time or the world itself.
  • When Squidward appeared in the past, his time machine was with him, but for some reason, when Squidward visits the Realm of Nothingness, he's seen without it. The realm exists on top of the time machine, which didn't happen previously.

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