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Thank Gosh It's Monday is a deleted scene from The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, which was used as an advertisement for the film, notably during the Day of Positivity. The full version is also a bonus feature on The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water Blu-ray.

Video Version

Day of Positivity

A wide shot of Bikini Bottom is shown and it zoom-fades to show Conch Street. It continues to zoom on SpongeBob's house. SpongeBob's alarm clock goes off and bubbles come out of the chimney. In SpongeBob's room, he wakes up in a panic and then asks Gary what the day is. Gary meows. SpongeBob says, "It's Monday? Oh, Monday." He gets excited. He goes to his window and opens the curtain. As he does this, he starts singing "Thank Gosh It's Monday." The calendar is shown with January as the month. The first four days are "X"ed out. SpongeBob circles January 5 and then adds eyes and a smile to the circle. He is then shown at an ironing board. He is holding an iron and on the iron board is SpongeBob's clothes. He presses the iron on the pass. It then cuts to him lifting a barbell. He drops it after lifting it. It then cuts to him at Gary's litterbox. Gary is there too. It then cuts to a panarama of the word, "Monday" with SpongeBob as the "Y". It then zooms out to show the whole word. It then cuts to SpongeBob and Gary. SpongeBob tells Gary to sing with him. It then shows SpongeBob in the bath and Gary on the toilet. It then cuts to SpongeBob brushing his teeth on a large toothbrush that has Gary on it. It then cuts to SpongeBob cereal and Gary eating snail food at the table in the kitchen.

SpongeBob is then shown jumping off his diving board. He then dives into his pants and jumps in the air. He lands in his living room. He takes his name tag, which is in a picture frame. He puts it on and walks out the door. He spins until Squidward stops SpongeBob. Squidward says that SpongeBob is the only one in the whole world who likes Monday. Patrick leaves his rock and starts singing. Squidward says, "Oh, no." SpongeBob and Patrick then start dancing. Squidward requests Patrick to stop, but he does not. After singing and dancing some more, Patrick makes his belly look like a mouth and makes it "talk". It then cuts to SpongeBob and Squidward, who is in his work uniform, walking down the street. They are joined by Patrick and a few other Bikini Bottomites. They group passes the Chum Bucket. It then cuts to show the "Day of Positivity" logo.

Full Version

The beginning of the video is the same as the Day of Positivity version until it reaches the part where bubbles blow out of the chimney.

SpongeBob, wearing his work uniform, opens the door and says, "I'm ready!" He walks out of his house, repeating that line. He walks down the road until he reaches the Krusty Krab. He stops and drops his spatula. He says, "Closed." It then shows the Krusty Krab with just SpongeBob. It then cuts to the "Closed" sign. He then says, "No!" and his pores show a mouth and they all say, "No!" It fades to show SpongeBob in his bed. He is having a nightmare. His alarm clock goes off and he wakes up in a panic. The video picks up to where it was in the Day of Positivity version. It remains the same until he reaches the calender. Here, instad of it being January, it is May and instead of only the first four days being crossed off, the first 15 are. SpongeBob adds a circle, eyes, and a smile onto May 15. From the ironing to the bathtub scene, it is the same as the Day of Positivity vesrion with only the lyrics of the song being different. Unlike the Day of Positivity version, teethbrushing and breakfast scenes do not have lyrics, instead it is just "meow"s and SpongeBob not being understandable. The diving into his pants through the grabbing his nametag is the same. When SpongeBob leaves his house, he says, "Thank Gosh It's Monday", instead of "Positivity Monday". The turning and being stopped by Squidward are the same. After Squidward says that SpongeBob is the only one in the word who likes Monday, SpongeBob says that plenty of people love Monday just as much as he does. When he is saying this, he is crossing through Squidward's front yard. Squidward asks, "Like who?" Patrick then leaves his house just like he does in the other version. The scene is the same until the Chum Bucket is shown. After the the citizens pass it, the scene zooms into the window of the Chum Bucket. Here, Plankton is looking out at the citizens. He turns to Karen and asks if she knows why no one eats there. Karen answers, "'Cause the food's really bad?" Plankton says, "Yes, but when I steal the secret formula for the Krabby Patty, the lines around the block will be mine! and not that that greedy Mr. Krabs'." The scene shows the Bikini Bottomites going towards The Krusty Krab, where Mr. Krabs is waiting. Mr. Krabs holds the door for SpongeBob. SpongeBob stops when he gets inside. He puts on his employee hat and turns the open sign. He then backs into the kitchen. Mr. Krabs grabs Squidward and throws him into the register boat. It cuts to SpongeBob, who is sharpening his spatula. He then holds it up and runs to the grill with raw Krabby Patties. He throws them on the grill and they make a smile. He then quickly makes the Krabby Patties. He holds a Krabby Patty out the order window. It then cuts to Mr. Krabs who is taking an anchovy's money as the anchovy enters The Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs thows the money into the air and soon regrets it. At the end of the video, he starts picking up the money.

Storyboard Version

This version is quite different than the video version.

It would have been placed during the part where Burger Beard is reading the book. It appears to have been placed after SpongeBob makes the Krabby Patties.

It starts with an image of SpongeBob, in his work uniform, holding a Krabby Patty on a plate and his spatula and next to him is the grill. This is all shown in an image of the book. Burger Beard says, "Sea captains have been known to sink their own vessels in hopes of just getting one bite..."

In this version, Burger Beard has a hook.

He uses his hook hand to turn the page. It shows a Krabby Patty. He continues, "...of the Krabby Patty." The page is zoomed into as the music starts. It fades to show the Krabby Patty Mobile. It spins and then it zooms out to show SpongeBob in his bed, sleeping. SpongeBob sings, "I'm sleeping through the day I hate for a day we all anticipate. Put on some speed, dear Father Time for the day that makes us shine. Just blow your horn, great day be born." SpongeBob's alarm clock goes off. SpongeBob pulls off his blanket to reveal that he is wearing a Krabby Patty sign. He continues to sing, "Thank gosh it's Monday. The bestest fun day." He gets out of bed and continues, "The weekend is gone and the work week's begun." He starts dancing. There'll be fun by the ton when there's grub on a bun." It cuts to SpongeBob below a giant page-a-day calendars, which reads, "Sunday 27" SpongeBob continues to sing, "It's Monday!" He flips it to "Monday 4". He continues to sing, "Thank gosh it's Monday!" The scene cuts to SpongeBob next to Gary. SpongeBob says, "It's Monda, Gary. And you know what that means!" Gary meows. SpongeBob says, "Exactly! No more dooding nothing-happens-on-Sunday day. It's Monday! The first of six glorious days, where I get to make Krabby Patties for all of Bikini Bottom to enjoy! Sing with me, Gary!" It then cuts to SpongeBob taking a bath and Gary sitting nearby. SpongeBob is not understandable. It then cuts to SpongeBob brushing his teeth, where he is shown mostly in the mirror. It then cuts to SpongeBob eating cereal with Gary sitting on the table. It then cuts to SpongeBob dancing and singing, "It's Monday!" It cuts to him vaccumming and singing, "It's Monday!" It then cuts to him next to Gary's litterbox, where Gary is sitting, looking uncomfortable. SpongeBob is singing, "It's Monday!" It cuts to SpongeBob leaving his house. He twirls and sings, "Thank gosh It's Monday!" It is revealed to still be night. Squidward says, off-screen, "Will you pipe down?" It then shows Squidward's house and SpongeBob's house. Squidward is looking out his window and SpongeBob stops spinning between the two yards. SpongeBob's door is also still open. Squidward says, "Some of us, meaning the entire world..." It cuts to Squidward pointing to the moon. He continues, " still sleeping 'cause the sun isn't up yet!" SpongeBob then spins over into Squidward's yard. SpongeBob says, "Oh, porpoise pants!" It then cuts to show Squidward's house. SpongeBob is on the right side of the house and Squidward is still looking out his window. SpongeBob continues, "Plenty of people are up and ready to start the most amazing of days." It cuts to show Squidward looking out his window. He asks, "Like who?" It cuts to SpongeBob looking up and then he turns when he hear's Patrick's rock open. Patrick, off-screen, sings, "Thank gosh..." It zooms out to show him and he sings, "...It's Monday!" It cuts back to Squidward looking out his window. He says, "Oh, no." It cuts to SpongeBob and Patrick on the ground. SpongeBob begins dancing. Patrick continues, "The bestest fun day." Squidward, who is going back into his house says, "Please stop." Patrick continues, "A Krabby Patty from you makes my tum feel less blue. Then he just has to say in a very special way..." Patrick makes his tummy say, "It's Monday!" The tummy and SpongeBob sing, "Thank gosh it's Monday!" Patrick says, "Hey, SpongeBob." SpongeBob then says, "Yes, Patrick." Patrick says, "Let's say we wake up good ol' Squidward show tune style!" SpongeBob gets excited and the scene zooms into his mouth until it is just blackness. The letters that spell, "Monday" appear like neon signs. The lights go on, revealing that it is in Squidward's bedroom. It shows "Monday" on a giant sign. Below the sign, ther is Patrick and SpongeBob, who are wearing fancy clothes and holding canes. They are standing on a platfrom with two staircases on opposite sides leading up to it. Belowthe platform is Squidward, who is in his bed. SpongeBob and Patrick sing, "Thank gosh it's Monday!" As SpongeBob and Patrick tap their way dow the stairs, Squidward says, "I really hate the day today." As Patrick and SpongeBob reach the end and spin around they sing, "The bestest fun day." As SpongeBob and Patrick tap on the floor, Squidward says, "No clarinet or bass soufflé." SpongeBob and Patrick sing, "The weekend is gone and the work week's begun." as Squidward says, "I don't like the day that I'm alive" SpongeBob and Patrick sing, "There'll be fun by the ton when some meat's on the bun. It's Monday!" They lean in toward Squidward and sing, "Thank gosh it's Monday!" Squidward ask, "Why am I alive?" It cuts to show the end of the bed with Squidward's feet tentacle. It also shows two clarinet pictues on the opposite side of an unusual window. SpongeBob is at the foot of the bed. He says, "The whole world is awaiting our joy, Squidward, so let's go!" He goes to the window and opens it. Squidward says, "I don't hink so, SpongeBob." Patrick appears next to Squidward in bed. He is holding a roll of tape. He says, "I don't recall SpongeBob ever giving you a choice." It cuts to a street in Bikini Bottom. After a bit, a flag appears, then so does Patrick, SpongeBob, and Squidward. SpongeBob is playing a guitar. Patrick is playing a drum with a symbol attached to it. Squidward is shown taped up, except of his legs. It pans up to show that, on his head is the flag, which has a Krabby Patty on it. SpongeBob and Patrick sing, "It's Monday, the fun day. Time for Krabby Patties." They pass the houses, which now have people looking out the window. They continue to sing, "It's Monday, the fun day. Time for Krabby Patties. It's Monday, the fun day. Time for Krabby Patties." It then cuts to the three with a crowd behind them. SpongeBob and Patrick continue, "It's Monday, the fun day." The crowd cheers. As SpongeBob and Patrick repeatedly sing, "Thank gosh it's monday.", Mrs. Puff sings, "I drive simply alone. The Krabby Patty fills my soul." Mr. Krabs sings, "Out of the freezer the patty thaws. Got to get money in my claws." He then releases coins from one claw into the other. It cuts back to SpongeBob, Patrick, an Squidward in front of the crowd. SpongeBob and Patrick sing, "It's Monday! Thank gosh It's Monday!" Larry sings, "My sweet abs get worked out each day." SpongeBob and Patrick sing, off-screen, "Time for Krabby Patties." Larry continues, "And I'll destroy them with a Krabby Patty." SpongeBob and Patrick sing, off-screen, "Time for Krabby Patties." A keyboard on a phone is shown. "ROFL" is shown with each letter appearing. "IDK" is then shown with each letter appearing. Pearl is shown as the one with the phone. SpongeBob and Patrick sing, off-screen, "Krabby Patty all the way." The crowd is then shown as SpongeBob and Patrick sing, "It's Monday. Thank gosh It's Monday." The crowd stops. SpongeBob says, "Sandy!" It then cuts to show Sandy wearing her helmet and the body part of her suit. On top of that, she is wearing a robe. She is also wearing slippers, a face mask, and hair curlers, the last of which is on her helmet. She is also holding a shopping care filled with items. She says "Uh, hi there, SpongeBob. What's goin'...?" She then says "Prickle pie! Did I miss it?" SpongeBob says, "Not yet you didn't." It cuts to Patrick wearing a hillbilly outfit and blowing on a jug. It then cuts to Show Patrick, SpongeBob, who is earing cowboy boots and a bowler hat, and Sandy, who looks like her normal self, but with a cowboy hat. She sings, "Thank gosh it's Monday! Hang out the laundry!" As Sandy says the next part, SpongeBob is shining on of his boots and Patrick is shining his hat. "Shine your boots and your hat." Samdy pushes the boys aside and sings, "There's not time to chat." It then cuts to the crowd, which are all wearing western-style clothing, except Squidward. Sandy sings, "Dance and strum up and pat." The crowd is shown going towards The Krusty Krab. The sign is either attacheed to the Krusty Krab or is next to it, instead of in front and to the side of it. Where the sign normally is, is a flag pole. Sandy continues, "It's time for Krabby Patty stat." She runs to the flag pole and sings, "It's Monday." She goes to the other side of the flag pole. Patrick runs to the flag pole and sings, "It's Monday." He runs to the other side of the flag pole. SpongeBob jumps to the flag pole, carrying Squidward. He sings, "It's Monday." They attached Squidward to the flag pole and sing, "It's Monday." They lift the flag to the top, which Squidward stil attached. The crowd sings, "Dear Krabby Patty, we pledge to you our undying love and our hunger too. Your Bikini Bottom's community glue." SpongeBob is then show with a conductors mallet and as he uses it, the crowd sings, "It's Monday. Thank gosh it's..." SpongeBob says, "What do you know? It's Monday." He then uses his nose like a flute and it ends with him farting.



The Sponge Movie Out of Water - Thank Gosh It's Monday music video01:32

The Sponge Movie Out of Water - Thank Gosh It's Monday music video

SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Sponge Out of Water Thank Gosh It's Monday - Sing-A-Long Version01:23

SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Sponge Out of Water Thank Gosh It's Monday - Sing-A-Long Version

The SpongeBob Movie Exclusive Clip “Thank Gosh It’s Monday” Sing-Along-002:45

The SpongeBob Movie Exclusive Clip “Thank Gosh It’s Monday” Sing-Along-0

Thank Gosh It's Monday (sing a Long And Film Version Completely Uncut)



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