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Texas is a state in the southern United States. It is Sandy Cheeks's birthplace. She was there for 10 or 11 years, her failed attempts to go there are Texas and Chimps Ahoy, completed attempts were WormyA Flea in Her Dome, and Rodeo Daze, and it had a lot of mentions.

Rosie Cheeks was the first squirrel to discover oil at Spindletop, Texas. In Pranks a Lot, Sandy was leaving for Texas and she was afraid of SpongeBob and Patrick when pretending to be ghosts. In Rodeo Daze, Sandy has to go there to see her brother Randy. In the beginning of Prehibernation Week, Sandy made leaves of Texas. There are numerous mentions of Texas throughout the show. It played a major role in Texas.

"Back in Texas, I wrangled bulls, and I wrangled worms." and "Back in Texas, we call ice cream "frozen cow juice".

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