Terror by Night was composed by Hubert Clifford. The main instruments being played in the piece include high and low strings, a bass clarinet, and cymbals.


  • 37a. "Procrastination" - SpongeBob runs back to his desk.
  • 46b. "One Krabs Trash" - "Sir, I'll give you a $1,000,000 for that hat!"
  • 50a. "Wet Painters" - "But, let me give you two a warning"
  • 56a. "Born Again Krabs" - Mr. Krabs screams after realizing he's awake.
  • 60a. "SpongeBob Meets the Strangler" - SpongeBob and the Strangler enter inside the house.
  • 70b. "Ghost Host" - SpongeBob runs to Squidward's house for help.
  • 79a. "The Pink Purloiner" - "I'm not decent! The house is a mess! THERE'S A RADIATION LEAK!"
  • 81. "Friend or Foe" - "...we will rule the school! *laughs evilly*"
  • 82b. "Night Light" - SpongeBob keeps switching the lights on and off after seeing various things in the dark; SpongeBob screams whenever he blinks.
  • 86b. "Bucket Sweet Bucket" - "Secret formula, here I come!"
  • 93c. "BlackJack" - SpongeBob reads BlackJack's letter; "Oh, no. That was years ago, Gary!"; "*screams* Brute has my parents! I gotta get over there!"
  • 95b. "To Save a Squirrel" - The caveman warns SpongeBob about Patrick.
  • 105a. "The Splinter" - SpongeBob falls to the ground and gets a splinter in his thumb.
  • 107a. "Giant Squidward" - Squidward grows to a gigantic size.
  • 108a. "Patty Caper" - SpongeBob and Patrick interrogate Gary.
  • 112a. "Porous Pockets" - SpongeBob and Patrick hear a shriek coming from the kelp shrub.
  • 172b. "Glove World R.I.P." - SpongeBob and Patrick scream.
  • 200. "Goodbye, Krabby Patty?" - Plankton enters the Krusty Krab Museum to steal the secret formula.
  • 204b. "The Whole Tooth" - Patrick fears about the dentist.
  • 221a. "No Pictures Please" - An skeleton named Ribeye emerges from his grave.

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