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Type: Disease
Appearance: "Hello Bikini Bottom!"

Tentacleitis is an inflammatory disease on the suction cups of the tentacles that can affect cephalopods. Squidward contracts the disease in "Hello Bikini Bottom!" while trying to walk home after yet another failed attempt at fame. He mentones that it is very severe. This disease may be worse on cephalopods because they have 6–8 feet, causing 8 times the pain.


It appears to make the tentacles look like they have a face. It also causes the suction cups to appear to stick out. The suction cups also seem to drool.


  • This is one of the few moments in the series where the suffix "-itis" is used correctly. It means inflammation rather than disease in general.
  • It may be similar to athlete's foot, a disease that causes swelling and blisters in people.

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