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Tentacle Acres Cocoa Shop
Tentacles Acres Cocoa Shop
Industry: Café
Founder: Unknown squid (possibly the current owner)
Location: Tentacle Acres, Pacific Ocean
Products: Cocoa
Appearance: Lights, Camera, Pants! (PC version)
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Tentacle Acres Cocoa Shop is a store that only appears in the PC version of the video game, Lights, Camera, Pants!. It is located in Tentacle Acres. SpongeBob had to go there once to find Squidward some cocoa so he could get off the bench and leave Tentacle Acres.




The front of the store shows two cocoa cups and one of the cocoa cups has white cream.


The inside of the shop has two benches along with customer chairs and tables. The place you order the cocoa at is the counter which is run by an unnamed octopus and behind the counter features cocoa machines.

Associated characters


  • SpongeBob is the only known customer so far.
  • The shop does not serve cream in their cocoas.
  • The front of the shop has no sign.
  • A similar place to this is "Le Café" which also appears in Tentacle Acres.
  • It has so far never made an appearance in any episode of the series.

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