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They might as well rename this place to "Squidward's paradise." Or perhaps "too much paradise."

Tentacle Acres, also known as Squidville, is the gated community for octopuses in which Squidward briefly lives in for almost part of the episode "Squidville." At the climax, SpongeBob and Patrick think Squidward is arrested in a "Squid-only-prison" as punishment for taking their reef blowers and go to Tentacle Acres to save him.



It has a high-tech security system, designed to make sure that no sponges, starfish, or any other non-octopus species go in; through this, it is implied that all residents moved there came to escape from annoying sponges and starfish-like SpongeBob and Patrick. All the houses are in rows of the same Easter Island Head Squidward lives in. Some of its features include a Health Depot that sells Canned Bread, an interpretive dance academy, a scenic park, a bike path, a bandstand where a clarinet trio performs, and a quick service of cafe kiosk (French style). The front gate is the only entrance to Tentacle Acres.


Health store

Full of Health is a health depot frequently visited by Squidward in the episode. Full of Health sells healthy foods such as Canned Bread. A bike stand is featured by the front entrance for the use of bikers such as Squidward. It is also across the street from Tentacle Acres' Interpretive Dance Academy.

Le Café

Le Caféis a food stand visited by Squidward and two men in the episode. One woman is the only worker at Le Cafe. When Squidward gets his hands on the reef blower, he happily rearranges the faces of the two men ordering. Le Café is a fast-service cafe and the known food sold are coffee and cookies.

Interpretive Dance Academy

The Interpretive Dance Academy is across the street from Full of Health. Squidward and the locals visit the Academy daily for lessons and moves. The other cephalopods have a passion to dance the way Squidward dances.

Tentacle Acres Park

Tentacle Acres Park is frequently visited by the locals such as bikers, sports players, and children. The park is also where Squidward happens to find a reef blower. A croquet course, a fountain, a bandstand, and park benches are all featured in Tentacle Acres Park. It is surrounded by a bunch of grass.

304 New Life Street

304 New Life Street is inhabited by Squidward during the episode. House 304 is on New Life Street along with House 303 and 302. It is identical to Squidward's old house, as are each of the other houses here.

New Police Club

Law enforcement in the community has at least three members. Two operate at the entrance to this area. Another works in a similar field to a patrol officer. It is unknown whether there are any vehicles used to operate in the law enforcement. Compared to the Bikini Bottom Police, they are more supportive of the law.

Tentacle Acres Cocoa Shop

Tentacle Acres Cocoa Shop is a place that sells cocoa. It appears in the PC version of Lights, Camera, Pants!

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Culture Band Club

Many of the citizens have an interest in biking, clarinets, and dancing. It is also implied that residents enjoy foreign cuisine, such as French. It is also inferred that they have a routine of habit doing the same dance in dancing class every day and playing the same song on the clarinet every day.

Role in episode

After seeing a commercial on TV advertising Tentacles Acres, Squidward finally decides to move out of Bikini Bottom and into this city. With no SpongeBob or Patrick there to bother him, Squidward feels like he's in Heaven. During his time in the city, he does what he normally likes to do in his free time: play clarinet, go biking, and dance. He also enjoys buying Canned Bread from the town's convenience store.

However, due to the routine getting repetitive, Squidward grows bored of his typical lifestyle, so he decides to try something new. While sitting in Tentacle Acres Park, he encounters a reef blower. Although he found the usage of the machine to be absolutely childish earlier in the episode, his mind eventually changes when he actually uses one. He messes around with several octopuses' faces when using the machine, much to their annoyance.

Meanwhile, SpongeBob and Patrick have found the address for Tentacle Acres and attempt to gain access, which fails, due to them not being octopuses. However, the stench of Patrick's breath from eating too many fried oyster skins knocks out the security system operation and accidentally makes him slam the "access" button, allowing SpongeBob and Patrick in.

The duo tries looking for Squidward, but since there are so many octopuses indistinguishable from him this makes things difficult. In the meantime, Squidward is complaining about the town and its residents' incompetence, which leads a police-fish to inform him that he doesn't have to live in it anymore if he doesn't like it. Squidward, realizing this, cheerfully launches himself into the air with a reef blower, attempting to fly himself far far away. SpongeBob and Patrick still haven't found Squidward and certainly, know that it was not the one flying up high with a reef blower (even though he really is).


  • There are approximately 892 houses, according to the picture.
  • The other inhabitants appear to do the same thing day in and day out, day and night without getting bored, except for Squidward, who realizes his desire of lifestyle is quite boring by doing it each and every day.
  • This is one of the very few locations in the series to have patches of land comprised of grass.
  • In the park, there is a worker operating a reef blower, despite the fact that there appears to be no debris to blow.