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Tell Me, Magic Shell is a SpongeBob book published by Scholastic. It is twelve pages long. SpongeBob and Patrick question the magic shell to see if they are really best friends.


The book starts with SpongeBob displaying the Magic Conch Shell to Patrick. In order to test it out, SpongeBob asked the shell if Patrick and him were very best friends, only for it to reply "ask again later." After Patrick was verified by SpongeBob that it was in fact later, SpongeBob pulls the cord again, this time asking it if his friend was pink, only for it to reply "no."

Patrick is confused. SpongeBob says that Patrick is in fact his best friend. Patrick then claims that they were friends since the day we met and the shell is broken. After SpongeBob concludes that no shell can tell them if they are friends are not, Patrick says to try again just for fun. The shell then replies yes. Patrick ends the story saying that all you have to do is ask many times. "Now that's magic!" he ends.

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