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Ted's son is a child fish who only appears in the episode "What's Eating Patrick?"


He is a light orange fish with pale red lips, big white eyes with black pupils, and a pale red dorsal fin. He wears blue shorts with a light pink flower design on them and a cast and crutches on his right foot, as he has a broken foot.

Role in episode

He meets Patrick while he's training for the eating competition. He tells Patrick that he hurt his foot on the playground. He and his father, Ted, watch the competition, and he tells Patrick that he believes in him to finish the Krabby Patty-eating contest. Patrick takes his advice and continues to eat.

Patrick then wins the contest due to the boy's advice. Later in the episode, he breaks his other foot when the eating contest belt hits him.


  • While he is somewhat of a supporting character in the episode, his name is never mentioned.