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Tea at the Treedome 65

Squidward drinking tea in "Not Normal"


Squidward spitting out his tea in I ♥ Dancing.

is a popular beverage made from tea plants, and is most notably drunk by Squidward. It is also sold at the Krusty Krab in "Bossy Boots." In a few episodes with Sandy in them, such as Tea at the Treedome, she is shown drinking tea.

Tea Drinking Episodes

Squidward is usually the character drinking tea, in several episodes.

  • In the episode "Not Normal," SpongeBob goes over to Squidward's house to drink some tea.
  • No tea is actually drunk in "Tea at the Treedome" until the very end where Sandy puts the teabags in SpongeBob and Patrick's new water helmets, which turns the water into tea.
  • In "Grooming Gary," while SpongeBob is checking Gary's "Slime Viscosity," he runs through Squidward's house, who is sipping tea.
  • In "House Fancy", Squidward drinks tea at the beginning of the episode, and spills it when he's shocked at the sight of Squilliam appearing the the show, House Fancy. He later refers to it as the "hideous stain on the rug".
  • Squidward also drinks tea with his new neighbor, Howard, in "New Fish in Town".
  • In Bossy Boots, tea is one of two of the Kuddly Krab's menu options with the other being salad.
  • In Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful, there is a garbage version of tea that Squidward unknowningly drinks.
  • In The Curse of Bikini Bottom, Squidward is seen sipping tea, when SpongeBob yelled, "How can anyone live like this?"
  • In Sleepy Time, Pearl dreams about having a tea party with her stuffed animals.
  • In Snowball Effect, Squidward tries to have a cup of tea with a lemon wedge, but spills it on himself when he accidentally squirts lemon juice in his eye.

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