Online game

Tasty Pastry Party is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game. It is based on "Overbooked."


In this game, SpongeBob has to make birthday cakes for Patrick. The player has to make as many birthday cakes for him before time runs out. In each level, Patrick describes each layer of cake, and SpongeBob must find ingredients that fit Patrick's words. The player selects the ingredients by dragging them into SpongeBob's mixing bowl. Each cake has three ingredients. The player must select all the correct ingredients before the timer runs out (which is indicated by the sun outside the window), ending the game.

Each cake made correctly will take the player to the next level, resetting the timer. Each completed cake, whether correct or not, scores points (although incorrect cakes do not replenish any time).






  • The idea of Patrick's birthday comes from the episode "Overbooked."
  • The ingredients are:
    • Chiffon:
      • Jellyfish - Shocking
      • Black objects - Smelly
      • Bowling balls - Round
      • Crocodile eggs - Scary
      • Glowing blobs - Glowing
    • Filling:
      • Live-action cat in a basket - Furry
      • SpongeBob's underpants - Smelly
      • Tiny jellyfishes in a jar - Slimy
      • Moldy cheese - Moldy
    • Frosting:
      • Feet in toe jam - Smelly
      • Snail slime - Snaily
      • Eyes in a green liquid - Scary
      • Jellyfish jelly - Slimy
      • Chocolate - Brown