Interests: Destroying Bikini Bottom
Physical appearance
Eye color: Lime green
Classification: Robot
Friends: Other robots (possibly)
Enemies: SpongeBob SquarePants
Patrick Star
Sandy Cheeks
Sheldon J. Plankton
other Bikini Bottomites
Series information
Appearance: Battle for Bikini Bottom
List of characters

Tar-Tar is a robot who appears as an enemy in the video game Battle for Bikini Bottom.


Tar-Tar is a robot carrying a large container of Tartar Sauce attached to a device that lets it shoot it out at its enemies.


  • Tartar Sauce Gun

Role in the series

Tar-Tars are fairly common enemies in the game first encountered in Jellyfish Fields and appearing in almost every other level in the game. Tar-Tars can attack from a fair amount of distance away and always shoots out three rounds of tartar sauce with great accuracy. Tar-Tars are one of few enemies in the game that must be attacked more than once to defeat. However, they can be taken down in one hit with Sandy's lasso. Tar-Tars are often found alongside other Tar-Tars or other robots (usually Fodders).

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