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SpongeBuck's Tapeworm
Interests: Reading the newspaper
Aliases: Tapey
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Violet
Eye color: Yellow and Black
Classification: Tapeworm
Series information
Appearance: "Pest of the West"
List of characters

SpongeBuck's Tapeworm, also known as Tapey, is a worm that lived in SpongeBuck's stomach.


Tapey looks similar to Earworm, except he has a higher head, is longer, is light purple and has stripes. He wears a long sweater and a black hat


He only appeared in the episode, "Pest of the West," when SpongeBuck drank milk and Tapey's home (SpongeBuck's stomach) filled with it, almost drowning him in milk.


  • In the back of the Tapeworm's home, there was a sign that said "Home Sweet Home."
  • This is a parody to an actual tapeworm.
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