Tapey, also known as SpongeBuck's tapeworm, is a worm that lived in SpongeBuck's stomach. He only appears in the episode "Pest of the West."


Tapey looks similar to the Earworm, except he has a higher head, is taller, is light purple and violet and has dark purple stripes. He wears a long sweater and a black hat.

Role in episode

While in the Krusty Kantina, SpongeBuck drinks milk and Tapey's home (SpongeBuck's stomach) fills with it, almost drowning him in milk. Before he got drowned in milk, he was seen reading a newspaper on a chair with the lamp being on besides him.


  • In the back of the Tapey's home, there was a sign that said "Home Sweet Home."
  • This is a parody to an actual tapeworm.
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