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SpongeBuck's Tapeworm
General information
Interests: Reading the newspaper
Aliases: Tapey
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Violet
Eye color: Yellow and Black
Classification: Tapeworm
First appearance: "Pest of the West"
Latest appearance: "Pest of the West"
List of characters

SpongeBuck's Tapeworm also known as Tapey, is a worm that lived in SpongeBuck's stomach. He only appeared in the episode "Pest of the West," when SpongeBuck drank milk and Tapey's home (SpongeBuck's stomach) filled with it, almost drowning him in milk. Tapey looks similar to Earworm, except he has a higher head, longer, is light purple and has stripes.


  • In the back of the Tapeworm's home, there was a sign that said "Home Sweet Home."
  • This is a parody to the actual Tapeworm.
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