Alternate House and Song Scene


Patrick's song is so bas, it makes Spongebob's house explode.


Patrick: come on, lets hear it

Patrick: i don't know, you're not gonna pelt me with Dodgeballs, r u?

Spongbob: No dodgeballs here buddy, just an artist and his work

shot of Gary next to a dodgeball

Gary hides the dodgeball behind SpongeBob's chair

Patrick pushes as stereo in front of him

Spongebob Uh (pronnounced as Eeeh), Patrick

Patrick lands in armchair, right next 2 spongebob

music plays

Spongebob covers his earholes: IT"S REALLY LOUD!!

Patrick: U need it louder, OKAY!

Patrick turns up Volumn

Song: TEINKLE, TWINKLE, PATRICK STAR, i made myself a sandwhich, my mommy named it Fred, it tastes like beans and bacon, and smells like it's bee dead, writing stuff is hard, so i use a pointy pencil, pointy, pointy, pointy, pointy, pointy, point. PU, what's that horrible smell



stereo starts flaming

Song: i have a head, it ends in a point, pointy pointy pointy, pointy pint point. This song is over except for this rhyme, u win this round, Brocoli

Gary aims dodgeball

screen turns to white as explosion sound nis played for about 3 frames

shot of live-action explosion is played

shot of Spongebob's house, now destroyed, and Squidward's house slightly charred on the right

and then the rest follows like the original house and song scene

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