Shellback Shenanigans: Alternate Version


Spongebob and MR. Krabs discuss Bring Your Pet To Work Day @ the Krusty Krab. But thinking Gary to be dirty, Mr. Krabs considers cancelling it, but Spongebob promises that Gary be healthy and clean. Spongebob plans to bring back a Krabby Patty as a treat for Gary, but they've run out, so they plan to make a fresh batch of Krabby Patties. Little did they know, Plankton and Karen overheard themm and Plankton plans to masqureade as Gary and copy the formula. Plankton downs his Transformation Tonic (which is only good for one use per 24hours), and Transforms into an unsuspecting Salesperson. The Next scene Spongebob shows up with some kelp fries for gary, in lieu of a Krabby Patty. Spongebob proceeds to bathe Gaty, but Gary refuses so, they decide to bathe in the morning. Then The Salesplankton shows up and sells a luxury stay at club Shell, plus a temporary shell for Gary. Then Plankton takes on Gary's form and goes into his shell. The Spongeob sees Plankton/Gary and beleives he is sick, and takes him to the hospital, where he is diagnosed with the deathbed. Spongebob takes Plankton/Gary to the KK 2 fufill his last dying wish, a KRabby Patty. But the real Gary shows up and beats up Plankton, transforming him back to normal and revealing him as an imposter. In the final scene, gary is seen working as the Krusty Krab's bouncer snail, and scares off Plankton. And Mr. KRabs freaks when Spongebob says Gary earns his pay.

Differences between this and the original version

  • In the original version, Mr. KRabs considers postponing Bring your Pet 2 Work Day, in this version, he considers to cancel it altogether
  • Plankton masquerades as Gary by donning fake eyeballs and entering his shell, in this version, he takes on Gary's form (plus antennae) and goes into his shell
  • In this version there is a "The Next Day" time card between the final scene and the next to last scene
  • The temporary shell has a Rocko's modern life pattern on it
  • In the original version, Sadie was colored pink by mistake, in this version, Sadie is colored her usual orange.


shot of Krusty Krab, evening

Mr. KRabs office

Spongebob peers through open door

Spongebob: Goodnite,Mr. Krabs

Krabs: it's closing time, already?

Spongebob: Yep

Krabs: well hav a gd nite, spongebob

shot of krabs desk from the left side as spongebob nears

Spongebob: mr. Krabs, is it okay, if i get a Krabby Patty 2 go 4 my pet snail, Gary?

Krabs: i though those things 8 mostly kibble

Spongebob: it's a special treat to get him ready 4 2-morrow

Krabs: oh, right, wait what's tommorow?

Spongebob: (gasp), Mr. Krabs, did u 4get?

Krabs: probably

Spongebob: tommorrow's bring your pet to work day

Krabs: i dont need a special day 4 that, Squidwards here everyday

Squidward: Nice, REAL NICE

(glass breaking sound is heard)

Spongebob: Err, can i buy that Patty now?

Krabs: Yeas, sure

Spongebob: whoo-hoo

some of the lines from the original scene up to this line

Spongebob: MR. KRABS!!!!

Krabs: What!?

some lines form the original verison up to this

view from telescope

Plankton (offscreen): Now, what r they saying Karen

camera on Plankton and Karen

Karen: I don't know?

Plankton; Computer wife say what? I Thought u said u could read lips

Karen: I can but you took my telescope away

Plankton hands telescope back to Karen

(stilll under construction)


  • The next Day time card has a picture of Plankton behind a changing curtain

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