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Type of fighter jet

I see that it's specified that the fighter jet Spongebob used was an F-16, but I don't think it looks like one. Although it had the lightweight design of the F-16, its two intakes were at either side of the fuselage, unlike the F-16, which has only one intake located under the fuselage. It also appeared to have two engines as opposed to one, and all mentioned fighter jets, the AV-8B, the F-35B, and the F-16, only have one engine. If I were to compare its features to that of a real-world aircraft, I'd say it was either an F-5 Tiger or an F-20 Tigershark. Anyone have anything to say about this? Your irresponsibility is making our jobs A MILLION times harder! 03:22, November 12, 2011 (UTC)

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