Alternate Sulfer Vision Scene


Barnacle Boy: that's it gimme that

Barncale Boy: You're running as ragged!!

Mermaid Man: M- Must answer. Clarion Call (passes out)

Barnacle Boy: We're exhausted

Spongebob: i'm sorry, barnacle boy, i just wanted 2 spend time withh you, you're my heroes (crys)

Barnacle Boy: It's too late for that Mr. Contest Winner, i'm gonna destroy this thing with my Sulfer Vision

(1st attempt to destroy the conch, unsucessful)

(2nd attempt, unsucessful)

(3rd attempt, eyes glow red)

shot of live-action explosion

Mremaid Man and Barnacle boy are passed out and covered in black dust, but the conch is unscathed

Barnacle Boy gets up and brushes himself off

Barnacle Boy: Well i'll destroy it when we get back to the Mermalair

Just before the scene when they jump off the couch, Mermaid Man's belt on the right turns orange.

The Tv is red when Mermaid Man cheers up Spongebob, aka the red screen of death174.116.64.242 19:49, November 26, 2012 (UTC)

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