I never got to watch this.

Ever since this episode came on TV, I NEVER got to watch it! SpongeChris Squarepants 01:05, September 15, 2010 (UTC)

Alternate Quarter on string scene

by Jtsfan13


Bellhop: your room,, sir

bellhop stretches out hand

Mr. Krabs: see that, laddie, that putstretched hand is one of the biggest dangers to becoming a true cheapskate

Mr Krabs: he wants a tip

Spongebob: what's a tip?

Mr Krabs: It means, he wants money, for nothing

MR Krabs takes out a quarter with string attached

Mr Krabs: now watch closely

Mr Krabs is holding one end of the string in his right claw

Mr Krabs hands quarter to bellhop

Mr Krabs: there you are, laddie

Bellhop: Wow, a quarter, you sir, are a real cheapskate

Mr Krabs: why, thank you

Bellhop walks away

Mr Krabs: give it a little lead then. . . . snatch it back!

Mr Krabs pulls back string

note lands in Mr Krabs's hand

puzzled expression on Mr Krabs's face

close up on note

the note says Ha! Ha!

cut to Bellhop flipping the coin in his hand

random KRab appears next to MR Krabs

random krab: tough break, Krabs

random krab laughs as he slides off screen

Angry expression on Mr KRabs's face

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