Squidward sees Squilliam talking about his house on tv.

Alternate Toilet Scene


Patrick uses Squidward's toilet, and stinks up the whole town.


Patrick: who's Nick?

Patrick runs in holding his butt, and quivering while talking

Patrick: Sorry Squidward, I couldn't wait any longer, i gotta use your toilet, no questions, thanx

Patrick shuts bathroom door

shot of Squidward's face

Patrick groans while fart noises are heard

Squidward's windows break

shot of Sadie and Fred

Sadie ad Fred hold their noses

Shot of Bikini Bottom, the citizens are leaving in busloads

shot of a Suffocated Squidward with his tentacle over his nostrils


Patrick comes out of the Bathroom: Phew, I wouldn't go in there for a couple of days, or weeks, maybe even months

Squidward goes in to the bathroom to see it was destroyed with Patrick's use of it

Squidward's head swells

shot of Squidward's now partially destroyed house while Squidward screams in horror


  • If this scene ever appears on TV, it wil be counted as one of Mr. Krabs's appearences

I thought I'd add a little tidbit. On Netflix for Wii, this episode is shown where it's said to be Help Wanted. Even stranger, Netflix only goes to about Season 3 or 4.

The Toenail Scene

Why did the SpongeBob producers even bother to add the scene where Squidward's toenail broke off?, since SpongeBob SquarePants is rated G in Australia (where I live), and most G-rated programs in Australia wouldn't put something like this on. The episode's reviews could have been a lot better if they skipped the toenail scene (luckily the scene was only shown for less than 5 seconds and didn't affect the plot). Cowiki124 (talk) 05:44, November 6, 2013 (UTC)

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